Sunday, August 23, 2009

Chocolate Sundae Sunday

I cannot believe how amazing this ice cream is!  It is better than any chocolate ice cream I have ever had.  And I can’t believe that I made it by myself, and without a maker!  HA!  Freaking Awesome!

cuppies and ice cream 010

I used David Lebovitz’s recipe for chocolate ice cream….which you can find here in Google Books…..

But what I think really made this ice cream as stellar as it is, is the Askinosie Chocolate and Cocoa that I used in it.  Months ago I mentioned Askinosie in my blog and was contacted by them and they sent me some of their awesome chocolate.  I had been hoarding it….using a little bit here, a little bit there….But I decided it was time to have the full on Askinosie experience, so I used up the last of my solid chocolate from them and more of the cocoa.  The last full bar I had was their “San Jose Del Tambo, Nibble Bar + Crunchy Cocoa Nibs”.  It added a little texture to the ice cream, and I have to say I really enjoyed it.  I hadn’t really had cocoa nibs before, so this was a wonderful first experience for me.  But I am now sad to say that I only have about 1/3 cup of cocoa left and NO chocolate bars.  Very sad. 

Back to the ice cream….for a minute….did I mention that I added some coconut extract in to the ice cream?  Just enough that there is a hint of it, but not overpowering that awesome Askinosie chocolate taste.   I am really trying to save some for Jason (who will be home some time this week) but I don’t quite see it happening!  LOL  I thought about topping this ice cream with something to make it a “true” Sundae, but I just couldn’t bring myself to put anything on top of it.  It is truly perfect just the way it is!

I urge you to check out D.L.’s Perfect Scoop – the recipes in there are so easy to make (with or without a maker) and the flavours are great.  I see myself making more and more ice cream and becoming more and more adventurous with my flavs….kinda like Anna is with hers….check out her blog Very Small Anna and her awesome creations – she is inspiring!

Take Care,
Love Big, Bake Often


Michele said...

Coconut and chocolate...OMG! The two together are amazing...especially in ice cream. My kitchenaid ice cream attachment gets a workout in the summer. I'll have to make this for Phil when he gets home Wednesday.

Shawn Askinosie said...

I posted this to our Facebook Page. I have got to try to make this - this week. Thanks for giving me the inspiration!!! And thanks for your nice words about our chocolate.
Shawn Askinosie

Rachelle S said...

Oh that sounds good!! I will have to look into this recipe...I love that you can make ice cream w/out a maker!

How could you save chocolate? lol, my Askinosie samples did not last long! =)

Big Boys Oven said...

I can do with some scoops now to kill my summery thirst! :)

Clifton Boroff said...

I was just suggesting that Askinosie develop a gelato flavor at lunch on Friday.

Shawn Askinosie said...

Thanks for posting this! I made vanilla Friday night with our grand kids. I used some leftover vanilla (whole pieces of the pod) that we use to make the chocolate bar for Zingerman's - El Rustico. I left it in - just like we do in the bar. Great flavor and texture. Just now I made the chocolate for my daughter and her boyfriend. Used our Soco powder and the Del Tambo chocolate. Then for toppings I used roasted Del Tambo nibs and bits of chocolate pieces. OH MY GOSH!!! I cant believe how great this tastes. I borrowed the maker from a friend. I need to buy one now. I cant thank you enough for this idea. I'm bringing it in to the factory in the morning to share :)