Friday, August 6, 2010

I just want to make cookies!


I had thought about making this title “Frustration Friday” to match my mood.  But that doesn’t really have a lot to do with the cookies!  But it does have to do with the fact that I missed the boat by just a few weeks. And I am kicking myself for it.

Let me backtrack a little……

There is this great party place here in Richmond Hill called Cutie P’ Tutie.  It has some of the cutest gifts, toys and throws an awesome party.  They host different themed parties for both boys and girls.  They go ALL out – including goodie bags and treats.  So a little light bulb went off for me.  Maybe I should make some cookies to go along with their themes, take them down to them, and see if they would be interested in having me make cookies for their parties. 

So these are what I made:

For the Spa Party…..

cookies 016

For the Pirate Party…..

 cookies 022

For the Diva Party…..

cookies 025

Cute right?!?

Unfortunately, they had just signed a contract with the company that does their themed cakes to also provide cookie favours.  Bummer right?

Maybe I shouldn’t have waited so long.  Maybe next time.  Trying to not let it discourage me. Just going to keep on making cookies and get them out there.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten

Are you kidding me? 

Where did the time go that I am now the Mama of a Kindergartener? 

How is it that Jakob is so grown up already? 

Slow Down!  Both of you, please, just slow down.

I think of how much he already knows, and what he will be learning this year, and I am amazed and excited for him.  This is a big time for him.  And I hope to make it as enjoyable experience as possible.  These are the years that will set the bar for his enjoyment of school for possibly the rest of his education career.  This is HUGE.  I am so lucky that he was looking forward to school, strutted his stuff walking in, and that he was sad that I had to leave.  It showed me that he was confident and independent but still needed me a little.  Thank you for that Jakob!

Here is my very excited little man on his first day….

Jakob's first day of school 012

Jakob's first day of school 003

Oh….and since I love to commemorate every occasion with cookies….I made these for Jakob to take to his class for snack time….

backtoschool 018 backtoschool 019

At then end of the day he was happy to start school, was excited to meet new friends (even though he couldn’t remember ANY of their names), and is looking forward to going back tomorrow. 

The only thing missing on this day is Jason.  Jakob really misses him and was sad that Daddy couldn’t be here.  But the good news is since we are moving mid-school year, Jakob will have another “first day of kindergarten” and Jason can take him that day.  ALWAYS look for the silver lining.