Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I have always wanted to belong to a club…

Seriously….I have always wanted to belong to a book club.  The idea of reading a novel and then spending time with like-minded people talking about the book….that would make me happy.  I just never found the time, the right group, or the right books.  So I have decided that since I have made so many great online friends that are also interested in joining a book club but just can’t seem to find the time, the right group, and the right books….that we should have an online book club.  I am still fine tuning the plans for this, but I wanted to put it out there, to get some ideas of what kind of books people want to read together, how long do think we need to read said book, etc. 

So these are the questions….leave me a comment if you would like to join us, or email me (

1.  What are some books that you have been meaning to read?  What “genres” would you like to read?

2.  How long do you think you would need to read a book? Is a book a month too much? 

3.  Would you want to be checking in through the month and discuss or just discuss after everyone has read it?

4.  Do we want to take turns choosing the books we read, or take a poll/vote?

I think that is all the questions I need some help with.  Hope you will join me. 

One Word Wednesday…..


Computer is back in my possession….after spending a week with Geek Squad.  But still having an over heating issue so may be going back in!

Time to get blogging! 

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Monday, June 21, 2010

I’m Back


Did you miss me?  I cannot believe that it has been SO long since I have blogged.  Time to get back in the groove as I feel like I have a LOT to say these days.  Posts are running through my mind!

But I wanted to post something to show off my new design….thanks to Jessica of Frilly Coconut.  She was so amazing to work with…so easy to get in touch with, answered emails lickity split, and answered all my silly questions.   And look at how beautiful she made my little blog!  Gorgeous right??

Thank you, Jessica!!

Stay tuned….more coming this week….promise!