Monday, September 10, 2012

He touches my heart….


Aiden had his first day of school today.  Another year of Preschool for my little man, he will love it and then will be primed and ready for Kindergarten next year.

Today he came home with this:

septaiden 001

A puzzle…with this note:

septaiden 004

Touching.  Truly warmed my heart.  And we did just what it said, we put it together and he told me about all the fun he had.  Thank you Ms. H, I adore it.

It was inspired by this book, which they read today:

kissing hand

Great first day!!

Back to school!


“It’s the most wonderful time of the year”…..

I love this time of year….love the fresh start of back to school.  The possibilities are endless.  New teacher, clean slate, new friends, and my favorite part is all the new school supplies!  I am a sucker for new pens and pencils.  Oh, and a new day planner.

But I digress….

The boys were SO excited to start school this year.  Both of them have new (to their school) teachers…so even more newness. 

Jakob started last week….he had a fabulous week last week and was just as excited to go today. He is making new friends, and just adores his new teacher.  Pretty great start.

sept2012 122

Oh, and did I mention that he started school with a Mohawk??  When did I become the Mama of a kid with a Mohawk??  His choice.  He feels like such a rebel.  LOL

Aiden started today.  I was a little nervous for him, but the kid just ran right into class without a second thought.  Always surprises me.

sept2012 230

The best part of their first days of school was that Jason was able to be there for both!  Between deployments and trainings Jason has missed many a school event….but this time he was able to be there for BOTH of the boys.  Fabulous.  Meant the absolute world to them. And me.

sept2012 232

Wishing good things for both my boys and their new year.  And to you and your new students.  What is your favorite part of the kids going back to school?