Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jakob!


Today Jakob is six years old.  Holy Smokes, we managed to keep him safe and sound (minus a few bumps and bruises) for six whole years.  That is an accomplishment.  Seriously, it is.

Last night I was trying to remember what I ate for dinner the night before Jakob was born, and I was sad that I couldn’t remember.  Probably not the most important thing to have to remember, not like his birth weight, the hours (minimal) of labour….etc.  Jason looked at me like I was crazy. Guess he didn’t think it was so important to remember either.

I cannot believe that this little babe is now six.


And that he is now this big.

iphone 164

I cannot wait to see what he will look like in another six years.  I wonder (probably too much) about what my boys will be like when they are older.  I should probably slow down and enjoy them as they are now instead of wondering what they will become.

Well….Happy Birthday Jakob!  We love you will all our hearts.

ps….this is one of my fav Jakob’s Birth pics.  It is Grandpa with Jakob in the hospital.  I miss him every day and know that if he was still with us, he and Jakob would be the best of friends.



Bethie said...

Happy Birthday little man!!! I know mama will bake you something yummy.

kmcaffee said...

Happy Birthday!! He is adorable!! :)