Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jakob's Birthday

Jakob is going to be 4 this weekend! I cannot believe it. Where, oh where has the time gone? My baby, my first baby boy is growing up so quickly. Its so hard to believe that so much time has passed. Have I done everything right? Probably not. Is he a good kid? Yes, for the most part! I love him. I personally (and I am biased) think he is the most awesome four year old.

We just got back from a trip, with the main purpose of this trip being Jakob's birthday party. It was a great reason to head up to CT and see our friends. Jakob had been asking me to see his friends on almost a daily basis. So he was all set for this trip. It took a bit of stress and traffic to get there (long story - traffic, no exit, no gas, two tired and hungry boys in the car, at night), but we did and had such a blast. The bowling party was so much fun. Jakob didn't leave his lane for the entire time - he pitched a fit when he had to stop! The cupcakes, cookies and fortune cookies were a huge hit. As well as the M&M's we had ordered with the kiddo's names and photos on them were. Jakob thought it was really cool to eat an M&M with Natalie's picture on it! Natalie and Jakob really didn't mind sharing the spotlight with each other at all. We sang Happy Birthday to them both, they each had their own candle to blow out, and they each had a HUGE bundle of presents to open. Their friends were extremely thoughtful and generous with their gifts - Jakob has had so much fun playing with them all. *thank you to those who are reading this - cards are heading to the post office shortly*

This weekend we will be celebrating with my Mother and her boyfriend, and then when Jason comes home from the field we will celebrate with him. Lots of baking in the near future! Hopefully will post pics and recipes.
Love Big, Bake Often

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