Monday, June 27, 2011

Monkey and Military Monday

A couple of weeks ago, Jason’s Platoon was helping put on a field day at a local elementary school, including bringing a few of their vehicles for the kids to climb on and explore.  Jason invited me to bring the boys so they could see the new vehicles that Daddy was working with (Jason is no long on the M1A tank)…..of course I said YES!  They would love it.  It was the perfect day, warm – not hot, sun was shining – not a cloud in the sky, though of course we forgot the sunscreen.  The boys ended up with red cheeks, and Mama ended up with one heck of a sunburn.  Oh well, was almost worth it.

Here are some pictures of our afternoon. 

june2011 147

june2011 065

june2011 085

Please make note of the name of the MGS….CUPCAKE!!!  Perfect right?

june2011 106

june2011 117

june2011 159

It was a great afternoon and the boys and I really enjoyed seeing who and what Daddy’s working with.  Now to see if I can get them to come to Jakob and Aiden’s school next year….

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The Vanilla Bean Baker said...

I remember taking my kids to all the military displays put on at each of the bases we were stationed at. It's such good PR for the military and the kids always have a blast!

Sorry about the sunburn :(