Friday, August 5, 2011

Immobile Parenting

I can barely move.  The past couple weeks have been a little stressful. My body is rebelling.  The worst of it is my neck and shoulders.  I woke up this morning in immense pain, to the point that I had to roll out of bed rather than sit up because all my muscles in my neck and shoulders were screaming at me.   Torture.  Literally.  It is now 3pm, I am sitting on the couch stiff as a board, smelling like a wintergreen factory (thank you Icy Hot Rub), with a heating pad across my shoulders, and praying that the boys continue to play nicely upstairs for just a little while longer. 

Jakob has noticed that I am not moving as quickly today…that I seem a little stiff.  He asked, I told him that I was sore, I think he is now upstairs plotting with Aiden for a hostile takeover.  Plotting how to get away with doing all the things that he knows I can’t prevent him from doing.  I am afraid to let them out of the house , as there is no way in hell that I could catch them if they decided to take off on me….which Aiden has a tendency to do if he thinks he can get away with it!

Do you ever feel that when you’re under the weather that your kids are plotting against you?  Can they smell it on you?  No, not the Icy Hot Wintergreen Scent, the weakness – the inability to act as quickly and swiftly as you normally can?

Next time I will be buying the unscented Icy Hot, just in case.

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The Vanilla Bean Baker said...

Oh my. I'm sorry that you are not feeling good. Being ill during the summer is the worst! Hoping that you are able to get some rest and find yourself back to normal again soon.