Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wordless Wednesday Silly Boys






My Mother took these pics during her visit with her fancy DSLR…..I now desperately want one.

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The Vanilla Bean Baker said...

Adorable boys. Funny you should say that about a DSLR. My husband and I have been talking about getting one for me. I know little about how to use them and even though I'm reading up on them, I've very confused as to which one would be the right investment for me (for they are not cheap) and I don't want one that will do too much more than I need it to but I want one that in a few years when my skills with it hopefully improve, I don't have to spend another small fortune for additional lenses etc. So much information out there on them I'm finding it hard to narrow down my decision. Can I ask what kind does your Mom have and what does she mostly take pictures of with it?
For blog purposes, I would be taking food (cookie) pictures but I also take a lot of wildlife, floral, fauna type picture and my husband and I like to travel so a lot of scenic attraction types of photos would be taken with it to.