Monday, September 5, 2011

Monkey Monday: A Friends List

Yesterday the boys and I went to Priest Pointe Park for the afternoon….to make new friends.  Finally, Amanda and my schedules worked and we were finally getting to meet face to face.  The boys were excited to meet new people and have some fun…my little extroverts. It was a beautiful day, a fun afternoon filled with yummy snacks, sunshine, and new friends.

On the way home Jakob suggested we make a “Friends List” to keep track of all of our friends.  And while that seemed like a good idea for them, it got me thinking about my own “Friends List”.  Are there people on my list that I need to erase?  Are there people who got left off the list that I need to put back on?  Definitely, on both counts.  I need to work harder to put those people back on it….desperately.  And those that need to be erased…need to do that too…don’t need the negativity and stress that comes along with it.  I am exhausted from trying to keep those people on the list when they don’t make the same effort.

Do you have a Friends List?  Do you need to do some housekeeping to your List?  What do you do to help rebuild a damaged friendship?


aliciajill said...

I like this post. A lot. I totally agree that its necessary to stop and reflect on friendships ever now and then.

The Vanilla Bean Baker said...

As with any relationship, friendship is a give and take two way street. There will be times when you are able to give more than what is being offered for you to take and the reverse will also happen. It's when one is always giving and one is always taking that it is no longer a friendship.

Glad that you and the boys got to get to the park and meet *new* friends and I hope that the day came through with everything you had hoped for.