Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I adore Fall….it is my favorite season, bar none.  Living in Georgia there really wasn’t a fall season.  Last year at this time the boys were still running around in t-shirts and shorts.  Thank goodness Washington has seasons…and has THIS season.  Yesterday was a perfect fall day.  Slight crisp. Clear sky. Sun shining.  And what better thing to do on such a day then take the boys to the park afterschool to play with their friends.  Perfect.

octfall 017

octfall 018


Anonymous said...

The boys are looking pretty darn happy. Summer is mine season. Fall here has lost almost all of it's colour and now it is rainy and cold. I wore gloves and wind pants walking the dog tonight :(

Sheila said...

Looks as if they enjoyed the perfect fall day too! I love fall. We get some pretty great fall days here in the Northeast. Plus, it's perfect baking weather. :)