Monday, November 7, 2011

Darn you Daylights Savings Time!

Pre-Children I loved the fall back of Daylights Savings Time….that extra hour of sleep was precious.  Now that I am the Mama of two early rising boys, I kind of hate it.  It screws everything up.  This morning both boys were up at 6:10am – a whole hour before my alarm goes off on a Monday.  I tried my best to keep them quiet in hopes of them falling back asleep, even crawled into bed with Aiden to see if he would just shut his eyes for a little longer.  But no luck.  This happens every year.  Twice every year.  The time change screws with our sleep schedule.  And it really messes everything up for about a week.  The boys seem to have a hard time adjusting to the change, they sleep less, eat more, and even throws off their behavior.  It might be a good thing that Aiden doesn’t have school this week and Jakob  has 1/2 days – will make it easier for their teachers. 

Do your kids have trouble with the time change?  Do YOU have trouble with it? 

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Anonymous said...

My daughter experiences the same thing with her two kids during the first week or so of the time changes. Hopefully everyone's routines get back to normal soon...oh, but then you are into the excitement of Thanksgiving in the US and then the build-up to Christmas comes. Hang in there :)