Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wordless Wednesday, and a happy new year!

This year I am trying to find the good in things, the good in everyday…..with “rainy season” kicking in in WA it is a good time to find the good in these gloomy days.  Today, for example, started with the most amazing sunrise.  I knew that it was scheduled to rain all day today, but waking up with that beautiful sunrise coming, walking Jakob to school while it got brighter and brighter, made me just smile. 

january2012 101

It started to rain 10 minutes later and hasn’t stopped since, but this is a great day.


Paula said...

Great shot Tania and a great goal for the year!

Jamie said...

Happy New Year!

Marilla @ Cupcake Rehab said...

I nominated you for an Illuminating Blogger Award! Go here for more information: