Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Peace anyone??

I think today's TWD has been chosen at a great time. With the outlook for hope and peace in the country and the greater world they sure made me feel hopeful. TWD's World Peace Cookies were on board for today! The dark chocolate cookie, the zip of the fleur de sel, and then the creaminess of the chocolate chunks.....I couldn't stay mad at anyone after eating one of these! They are divine. I can't believe I haven't baked these before now. I will admit that I think they will be the cookies I make as peace offerings for anyone I wrong in the future!!

Thank you to Jessica over at Cookbook Habit for choosing these great cookies! You can find the recipe at her blog. And be sure to check out the other TWD bakers nummies!

Take care,


Love Big, Bake Often

PS - Yes, I did bake these cookies with a very sore neck and a little out of it due to heavy duty drugs!! Nothing can stop me from baking! Committed or should be? :)


Sweet Things said...

yum! I love your phrase "I couldn't stay mad at anyone after eating these" :-)

TeaLady said...

Those look fantastic. Great job.

CB said...

Dang girl. You get the TWD baker on a mission award. Hopped up on drugs, tweaked neck and all. Your cookies look great!
Clara @ iheartfood4thought