Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday Suppers

Growing up we had dinner together most nights.  Nothing fancy, typical dinners.  My mother expected us home for dinner unless we had told her otherwise.  At dinner we would discuss our day, school. etc….or we would just sit and not really talk about anything.  Typical family dinners.

Jason and I try to do the same, but with more fun! But there were nights when the boys were hungry before we were, and I had fallen into the habit of making them something different from what Jason and I were eating.  I had gotten tired of hearing “I don’t like that” or “That looks yucky”.   I am hoping to turn that around.  We are going to sit as a family – and dammit we will enjoy it! :)  Starting with Sunday Suppers.  I am going to introduce my boys to the old fashioned Sunday Dinners that you read about, or see in movies.  Traditional meals like Roast Chicken, Lasagna, Meatloaf (have never made one in my life), Fried Chicken, Pot Roast… etc….etc….those meals that you take your time making without the weekday rush.

And for these meals I will blog about one component…so Today I want to share a Sweet Potato recipe with you.  Tonight’s menu included  Roast Turkey Breast, Maple Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans Almondine, and Pumpkin Pie.   Mmmmmmmmm…….a delayed Thanksgiving meal.  Perfect for a rainy Sunday dinner.  Fingers crossed the boys will eat it. 

Maple Mashed Sweet Potatoes

3 Medium Sweet Potatoes

1 – 2 Tbsp Butter

2-3 Tbsp Heavy Cream (or Whole Milk)

2 Tbsp Maple Syrup


1. Peel Sweet Potatoes and slice into chunks.  Boil until tender – approx. 10 minutes.

2. Drain Sweet Potatoes (save water for your dog – makes their dinner delicious).

3. Put Potatoes back into hot pot, add butter, cream, and Maple Syrup.  Mash until desired consistency is reached.  Add more cream if necessary.    Season with salt and pepper.

Simple….but adds a nice touch to Sweet Potatoes.  My family loves them. 

I hope your family enjoys Sunday Suppers as much as I hope my boys will remember them.

If you have any suggestions or traditional recipes for Sunday Suppers, please pass them on….always on the lookout for new things to try/make.


Di said...

Good luck with the new plan. Same thing happens around here, especially with our work schedules. Some nights it's just easier to feed the kids early. I look forward to hearing how it goes.

Three-Cookies said...

Sounds delicious. And since it looks different from the regular mash, it should be more appealing/appetising to the kids.

Have you tried sticky fig pudding, great ending for a sunday supper:

April said...

I love the idea of Sunday dinners! I already try to make it a point that my family always eats dinner together every night. That is the only time I get with all of my clan. Can't wait to see all of your dinner ideas! I hope your Christmas was all you wanted it to be!

Lisa said...

That flavor combo sounds awesome. I can never get enough of sweet potatoes.

Jody said...

I like the sound of these! Maple Syrup is ridiculous expensive here in Britain, but I always have some on hand, being a Canadian :) I can't wait to try this.

Our pal Dawn M turned me on to this site and I know I will be back - I love cooking blogs - thanks for sharing xx