Monday, February 14, 2011

A Chance Meeting - Military Monday

Last Friday, I received a very normal text message from my amazing friend, Kristy, seeing if she could ask me a “weird question”….. I had no idea that the question would be “would I like to come to a luncheon where the Second Lady, Dr. Jill Biden would be speaking”?   My answer was “OF COURSE!!!”  What an opportunity.  A very few wives from each unit on Fort Stewart were invited and Kristy thought of me…..quite an honour to be chosen.  Oh, and I got to bring Jason too….a “BONUS” as Jakob would say.  Also, I should mention, that the wife of the Chief of Staff of the Army would be there as well.

Today was the day…lunch and a chance to hear the VP’s wife speak.  I dropped Aiden off at my friend, Tracy’s and headed over to post.   Met up with Jason, Kristy, her husband Dan, and the other wives of 1-30 outside Club Stewart.  We went in together…and too be honest I expected more security. LOL  I was expecting to have my ID checked, my purse searched, etc.  Apparently they were very trusting.  It was a smallish group of us…I would say about 70.

We ate while we waited for Dr. Biden and Mrs. Casey to arrive.  It wasn’t long before we were on “lockdown” as she entered the building.  She was welcomed with great applause.  She spoke of the strength of military wives, military mothers, and our military children.  She thanked us for our service…our sacrifice.  Then she made the rounds to all the tables and also posed for pictures, like this one:


It was a great day.  A great opportunity.  I am inspired to do more.  I am looking forward to getting to Washington, figuring out the new unit and getting involved in the FRG.  I miss being involved in the FRG. 

Oh, Jason and I were interviewed by a local news station…I am not sure if it aired. I will be staying up late to see if they show it, and will post a link if they do!


Betsy Eves - said...

Tania! I can't wait to meet you! What an honor it must have been to meet the 2nd lady!

Please let me know what unit you're going to and if I know who is the FRSA, I'll get you in contact with them!

ANgie B said...

That's awesome tania that y'all got. To meet her! And I just know your gonna love washkington!!

The Food Librarian said...

That is so great! What a great opportunity!