Monday, April 11, 2011

Monkey Monday–Brave Mama

We are expecting a visit from the Tooth Fairy any day now.  Jakob has his FIRST loose tooth.  And this freaks me out.  Totally.  Jakob is quite relaxed about it all, when asked how is tooth is doing he basically shrugs his shoulders and says “good”.  Nothing more.  He is not one of those kids that is constantly wiggling it either.  I can remember pretty much wiggling it till it popped out! 

There is something about my big boy losing his first tooth that totally grosses me out.  It’s icky.  A part of him is going to fall out of his mouth.  And even though it is a fact of life, that it means that he is growing up (which also makes me sad), it still gives me the heebie jeebies.  Totally irrational. 

So now comes the planning.  I try (and sometimes fail) to make the big milestones something to remember.  We make a big deal out of family traditions around the holidays, birthdays, etc.  I am trying to figure out what to do for this first loose tooth.  I am thinking tooth cookies (I already have the cutter), a dinner of his favorite soft foods, and…..I am stumped.   I need your best ideas.  Oh, and I need to know how much does a tooth go for these days?

I did a little bit of surfing on Etsy and found these lovely little tooth fairy pillows….

I suspect there will be a late night Etsy purchase later today…I mean, they are just the cutest right?

Please….let me in on your families traditions for this huge milestone.  If you have blogged it or read about someone else’s experience, leave me a link.  I need your help!  Jakob will appreciate it.


Team Wallace said...

I think $1 is the standard going rate for teeth. Tell Jakob to give the tooth a wiggle for us!

Di said...

The tooth fairy brings coin dollars here--$1 per tooth. It's been interesting--we had two in one night once (the top two in the very front). And for the one the night before Thanksgiving, B insisted on asking the tooth fairy (via a note under her pillow) what she was thankful for. The things we do as parents... =)