Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wordless Thursday…


I know I am a day late with this post….and I hope you will forgive me. The day got away from me.

A great friend of mine (Mia Cupcake) asked if I would be interested in a 30 Day Photo Challenge….of course I said yes, and that I would give it a go….We started last week and decided to post ever Wednesday.  Here are my first 6 photos….

1. A photo of yourself:

poundcake2 014

2. A photo of what you wore today:

poundcake2 064

3. A photo of your favorite place to be:  (Wherever these two are!)

may26 010

4. A photo from a high angle:

poundcake2 108

5. A photo of whatever you please: (Jason bought these for me….good husband)

poundcake2 077

6. A photo from a low angle:

may 079

Come back next week to see another weeks worth….

1 comment:

The Vanilla Bean Baker said...

Great photos! Have fun with the challenge.