Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday

I am now 37.  I celebrated my birthday last Sunday with my favourite three boys….it was perfect.  A laid back morning, coffee and chocolate croissants, an early lunch and then off to the Children’s Museum in Tacoma and Hello, Cupcake for a birthday cupcake.  Perfection.

Jakob wanted to bake me a cake.  He was asking me about what kind of cake I wanted for a few weeks.  And it would have been the best cake I have ever had, I know this.  But with Jason’s birthday just a week away, and all the other stuff that I had been baking for fun, I knew that we really didn’t need another cake in the house. (no matter how delicious and sweet it would have been)  So we decided to go out for cupcakes.  Jakob was VERY excited by this.  He wanted to go back to Hello, Cupcake since he loved it the first time.  They like being able to pick what they want and never get the same thing. And Hello, Cupcake has fantastic cupcakes.  And some great little toppers.  Jakob picked this one for me…..because I am a girl.  Love that kid.

may 080

I love that Jakob wanted to bake cake for me with his daddy.  But a great day, and a great cupcake made it just what I wanted.  I mean, look at these boys….they are so happy.  It was a great way to celebrate getting old! 

may 081 may 082

may 084may 083

I am madly in love with these two!


Team Wallace said...

I love them too!!!! Miss all of you so much and cannot wait to have a (belated) birthday celebration with you in approximately 88 days :)

kmcaffee said...

Welcome to 37!! It'll be a great year for you, I know it!! I'm on my way to 38 and I think it'll be great too!! Yummo to the cupcake! Your boys are darling - I just love that Target monkey! Happy Birthday!

The Vanilla Bean Baker said...

Happy Birthday. Celebrating with your boys is the best way to go and it's easy to see why you are so proud of them. All the best for a wonderful year!