Sunday, June 14, 2009

Brioche Snails

So awhile ago I tried my hand at Brioche dough....and decided it was not my friend. I am not sure if I did something wrong, maybe didn't let it rise enough, maybe didn't punch it down enough before letting it rest in the fridge over night....who knows?! But what I did with the dough the next day was all worth it. I followed Dorie's recipe for Brioche Snails, with a few twists, and they were YUMMY! Instead of rum soaked raisins I used mini chocolate chips, and I added some orange extract to the pastry cream. How can you go wrong with buttery dough, orange pastry cream and mini chocolate chips? You can't!

Here is how they turned out....probably not as high as they should have risen, but they were some tasty!

I will attempt Brioche again. Some time when I am feeling brave and have the time to make sure I do it right!

Take care,
Love Big, Bake Often


Paula said...

Those are so cute! I want a big bite right now :) I had so much fun making Brioche. Next time I'm gonna give Brioche Snails a try!

Maria said...

I have never made brioche. I should give it a try, especially so I can make these snails!

peteeatemall said...

Brioche yum! I made an Almond filled ring! Brioche snails...look perfect...another great idea!! Happy Baking!

CB said...

GMTA! I remember making these for my 2nd or 3rd participation in TWD and used chocolate chips too! I'm not a big raisin fan. Just looking at your picture makes me think I need to bust out some brioche dough again soon. Great job!

Little Miss Cupcake said...

These look awesome! Great job and you can see they are cooked to perfection!

Di said...

Those look great! My daughter Brianna would love that you used chocolate chips--she's not a fan of raisins in baked goods.