Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sundae Sunday.....Cherry Lime

I love Cherry and Lime together. Sonic does it right - they made a mean Cherry Limeade....but I don't get there often enough (which is probably a good thing!). I think it is a great combination.

So today when I was thinking about what to make to go with my TWD Vanilla Ice Cream, I looked in the fridge and found a lot of limes and some dark cherries. So when the fridge gives you limes, what do you do? You make Lime Curd! And I thought about mixing it directly into the vanilla ice cream but I wanted to keep it pure. And then with the cherries I decided to just chop them up and cook them into a sauce with some sugar and is so dark and rich. I hope I please my Twitter friends who said they would like to see something with fruit!

When I served it up I decided to just pour the warmed cherries over the ice cream and dolloped the lime curd on the side. Delish. I have already posted Dorie's recipe for Lemon Curd, and just changed the juice to can find it here.

And you will not be getting the recipe for the Vanilla Ice Cream - though I know you want it! I mean, LOOK AT THOSE VANILLA SPECKS! It's for Tuesdays with Dorie this week and I will be sure to link you to the host with the recipe.

Take care,
Love Big, Bake Often


Kristen said...

I love cherry limeades. Never would have thought to turn it into a sundae!

Team Wallace said...

You need to open your own restaurant. I'm thinking something along the line of Serendipity in NYC, but with more baked goods.

Lucy said...

Ohh wow! This sundae looks utterly gorgeous - I love the combination idea :)