Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Taste and create - very very late

I cannot believe that I am so late with this. Well....actually I can. The deadline snuck up on me and then I had one hell of a weekend that provided me no time to be blogging. But all of that aside....here is my creation. I was paired up with Poor Nima's Tasty Treats. And I am quite bummed that I didn't make any of the Indian dishes on her blog. I saw Caramel Bread Pudding and I was hooked - it looked like the thick dense bread pudding that I love. So I made it. The caramel taste was very yummy, but the bread pudding didn't quite have the taste I was looking for.... :(

So I decided to make something else on her blog...and made the Penne in Cheese Sauce. Loved it! But have no pictures of it! We gobbled it up so fast when I remembered to take pictures it was way to late! I made it with wagon wheel pasta and asparagus. Jason LOVED it. We will be making that again for sure.
I have bookmarked several of her recipes to make in the future. Jason and I love Indian and since we don't get out on dates much making it at home will have to do!
Check out all the other match ups at Taste and Create!
Again, I am sorry for the lateness of this post - wont happen again!
Take Care,
Love Big, Bake Often

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Sylvia said...

Yum Yum! THis looks amazing! I hope you post the recipe. The good news is, even if you are posting less often, the posts are quality. Thanks!
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