Sunday, November 1, 2009



Here we go again folks…..I am participating in National Blog Posting Month….I must be CRAZY!  But a few of my Twitter friends and I decided that we would be a good support for one another to make it through this month.  Be sure to check out, I Heart Food 4 Thought, EZRAPOUNDCAKE, The Way The Cookie Crumbles, and Emerging the Bombshell Within to see how they do this month.

For today’s post I want to write a list of all the things I want to blog about so that when I am having writer’s block I can look back and be inspired.

30 days….here I come!

  • raising boys
  • bread pudding
  • gingerbread houses
  • changing parenting techniques 4 years in
  • charity/volunteering
  • brownies
  • peanut butter
  • m&m’s
  • Jason being gone
  • thanksgiving
  • quilting
  • soup – lots of soup
  • chocolate chip cookies
  • biscotti – lots of biscotti
  • scones
  • TWD – of course
  • You Want Pies With That
  • starting my own business
  • temper tantrums
  • speech therapy
  • priorities – giving up my job
  • celebrating holidays without Jason here
  • cinnamon chips
  • lavender
  • chai….it’s almost cold enough to drink it daily
  • pioneer woman – her cookbook, and my plans to cook my way through it
  • Paula Deen
  • my hatred for the military health care system
  • single motherhood
  • patience
  • FRG
  • Pie – lots of little pies

That looks like a good start!  Hope you enjoy my month of daily blogs! I am hoping that the nights of blogging make the nights alone go faster. 

Take care,
Love Big, Bake Often



J said...

YAY!!!!! So good to have you back on blog (since I'm not on Twitter or Facebook). Can't wait to hear about all those things. Will call again soon . . . . hugs to you all!

CB said...

Oh this is a great idea! I should have come visit your blog sooner so I could have janked... err... borrowed your idea. Can't wait to read more about starting your own business (how exciting!!), Jason and the boys, PW cookbook challenge, gingerbread houses (I am determined to actually assemble one this xmas!) etc etc. 1 day down... 29 more to go!

SweetThingsTO said...

Looking forward to your posts!

Jenny said...

Can't wait to follow you during NaBloPoMo - good luck! It's always nice to find another baker online, so I'm excited to read your archived posts too!

Patricia said...

Good luck! Listing out your ideas in a post is a great idea (wish I had thought of it). I may need to borrow your idea to help get me through this month (I signed up for NaBloPoMo on a whim yesterday)