Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Calmed Down.... a bit

Ok, so I have gotten over the whole rude woman at the restaurant drama. Lets just leave it as she has no clue what one year olds are like!

On to the good news. I have joined a Mom's group here that looks very active and very friendly. I am looking forward to participating in playgroups and coffee meetups, etc. I really need to make some good friends here, and these ladies seem quite nice. And they are very active. There are at least a couple of get togethers each week. Wish me luck!!!

We are still stuck in a hotel. Our landlords have not vacated yet, they had some delay with the husband's clearing papers. But we should make it in there tomorrow. Fingers crossed.
Which then gives me 36 hours to do laundry, pack our bags and head to Atlanta to catch the airplane to Korea for a week. Geez my brother really couldn't have picked a worse time to decide to get married. I am really bummed about missing Aiden's first birthday. Have to get over that - nothing I can do about it. So glad that my friends in CT threw him a birthday party before we left -Thanks again Beth for organizing that! Love ya!

Ok - time to run around finding our way around again.

More later,
Love Big, Bake Often

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J said...

I'm glad you've found a group. They'll be very lucky to have you. Especially when they find out you bake!!! Quick question: can you point me to a blog that would have a good chocolate cutout cookie recipe??