Saturday, December 6, 2008

Thoughts on the South

Well... my predisposed thoughts on Southern Hospitality were completely shattered last night. I had been told by many, and seen in movies, that the people in the south were nice, polite and more accommodating. How wrong that seemed last night at dinner. Now let me lay it out for you. My boys have not been on their best behaviour lately. After several days in cars, being taken away from all that they have known, and many fast food meals, they (and I) are at our wits end. So there have been temper tantrums, whine fests, and as I have told some of you Aiden has found his lungs and likes to let out the occasional scream. So last night we were out for dinner, Jason and I were super excited out this restaurant because we haven't been to one since CO. Carrabas is a fantastic restaurant. It's kind of like Olive Garden but more adventurous and much more delicious. So we had gotten our table fairly quickly, the kids weren't in hunger melt down yet, and I was feeding Aiden some baby food and trying to eat my salad at the same time. Jake was doing great - he was munching on some delicious bread. So Aiden had let out maybe two short screeches at this point. I apologized to a table of young girls next to us as it seemed that they were the only ones who noticed. But then this table of two women my age started to get up and pick up their plates and drinks. I was shocked, I said something like "really?" to Jason. Just then one of the women came over to tell us that they were changing tables because of, and I quote, "that rude little thing", gesturing at Aiden. I was floored, and a little speechless. I, of course, said EXCUSE ME?, and she continued to say how we should learn how to discipline our children. Jason and I both yelled at her that he was only one, and what would she like us to do? Unfortunately she continued to walk away from us. And now as I sit and type this I can think of so many things I would love to have said to this woman, whose dinner companion, by the way, had nothing to say and looked a little shocked. I spent most of last night dreaming of conversations that I wish I had had with her, fights that I wish I had gotten into with her. And now I can only hope that our paths cross again so that I can give her what for. I was fuckin' fuming. And I don't like to swear here (in person I swear like a sailor some times), but online I usually like to keep it clean. Well this woman pushed me to the edge folks. We tried to continue to have a nice meal. The food was fantastic, I wish I could make a Veal Piccata like that. And the calorie laden fettuccine alfredo that came with it was super yummy. But as I was eating I couldn't help but envision myself walking up to her and smacking her upside her ignorant head. You have to know that this woman certainly couldn't have children or if she did you know that she probably beats the crap out of them and they are just plain afraid of her. Not my style of parenting.
But right now my battery is dying. More on this and about our first few days here and the drama of moving to follow.

Love Big, Bake Often

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ctteach said...

How rude of that woman! Honestly, people never cease to amaze me of their level of rudeness. Hang in there Tania! I am sure you will find some nice people.