Monday, December 29, 2008

Stress and Baking

I am a grump today. I was woken up extremely early by Aiden this morning (4:30 early!) and then the day began. So there I was up early with a cranky and hungry little man dying for some coffee but he wasn't having any of it, he wanted to cuddle on the couch and he eventually crashed on my shoulder for almost and hour. Jake was up at 7, looking for Daddy.
Daddy was at the Dr. getting checked out. Turns out they think he has either a bulging disk or a ruptured disk - is there a difference? He is on home arrest for 48 hours, then restricted duties for 2 weeks, then an MRI booked for the 16th, then who knows what. He is in alot of pain still, but that should end soon - they sent him home with a pharmacy of drugs. Prednisone, Oxycoton, valium, and a couple others. It's crazy. They told him not to drive while on the heavy stuff because if he got pulled over they could charge him with a DUI. How crazy is that? He is going to be a zombie. So I am kind of a single mom - all the "hard" labour is on me, he can't help with baths, or clothing changes, or bottles, or picking up when crying, or out of the crib, nothing. Thank goodness Jakob is pretty self sufficient!
So wish us luck. I hope that he doesn't need surgery. But I have a bad feeling about it. hmmmmm . . . . where did the optimist in me go? Probably to bed!! zzzzzz. . . . .

Take care,
Love Big, Bake Often

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