Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas in GA

Jakob was adorable. He thought that since there wasn't any snow that Santa wouldn't be coming for Christmas. It took some convincing that there are lots of places in the world that don't have snow for Christmas and that are alot hotter than the weather we were having. Though I have to admit, 72 degrees on Christmas was so weird for me. Being a Canadian girl, we usually always have a white holiday. And my friends (who I miss dearly) were having a white one in CT. Jakob was very happy to see that Santa had made his way to our house. It was another year for the boys, boy did they get spoiled. Even though I thought I was being more conscious this year to not have SO much for them, and to make the gifts more memorable to them, the room was soon filled with toys and clothes and things that beep and sing. It was crazy.
I also spent most of my day in the kitchen. Even though I was extremely tired and just at the end of my jet lag, I was determined to cook a fantastic dinner. I tried to do everything from scratch. The only thing that wasn't, by accident, was the stuffing. I bought a package of Peppridge Farms cornbread stuffing!!! It was terrible. But what can you do? I just plain forgot. But I did make my own yeast dough, and made my own monkey bread with it. Then made another batch of dough and made baguettes to go with the baked brie I was making for lunch!! It was great. A day in the kitchen, while being able to watch my family play together, in my new house. I just wish we weren't so far from friends - only downfall to the holiday.
I had brined the turkey the day before, for the first time, and boy did it ever make for a yummy turkey. So tasty, and moist. YUM!! The meal was a hit, and I took some time to relax while Jason and his Mom cleaned up in the kitchen. My favourite part of cooking, next to having people enjoy my cooking and baking.

It was a great day. Filled with giggles and joy, good food, even better company, and the boys and I under one roof. It was great. No complaints.

Hope you all had a happy holiday spent with loved ones! Looking forward to the new year. Stay tuned - the Christmas Baking List to follow....soon.

Love big, Bake often

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