Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day....

Mother's Day this year is a little bitter sweet. I am totally blessed with my amazing two boys and a pretty good husband too. And I thank them for all the Mama Love has been a great laid back, easy going day.

But I miss my Omi. I miss my Grandmother. This is our first Mother's Day without her. On top of Mother's Day, May 6th was Omi and Opa's wedding anniversary, and tomorrow was her birthday. It's sad. She was such an amazing woman, a great mother to four children, a fantastic grandmother to 5 grandchildren, and friend to anyone who would have her! She was the reason many of us travelled to Ontario, just to visit her. I made many trips up in the car with the boys in the winter just to go and see her. She was a beacon. And now that light is dark. We all miss her.

So this Mother's Day I think of her, of those she left behind, and how fragmented we all are since she as gone. That reason that brought us together on so many occasions is gone. Will we ever all be together again like we use to be? I doubt it. And that makes me sad. I see the relationships disintegrating and there is nothing I can do about it. Again, it makes me sad.

But today is a day of celebration, celebrating ME! As a Mama to two amazing little boys - who never cease to amaze me in all that they do. I am loved. I love. And that is what matters today.

Happy Mother's Day to my Mother. Happy Mother's Day to my Omi (thank you for watching over me!). Happy Mother's Day to my Aunt, my cousin, my BFF's..and to all the other Moms out there. Hope you all had a great and well appreciated day.

Take care,

Love Big, Bake Often

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KELLY said...

Hope you had a good Mother's Day. ;-)