Monday, May 18, 2009

Monkey Monday

Had a kinda crappy but enlightening end to our day today. I know that my "Monkey Mondays" have usually been light and fun...but not today, ok?

Jakob and I have been fighting a lot lately. Little things, silly things really, things that "wont make a difference tomorrow" (as my friend J says). Jakob gets his stubbornness from both Jason and I, and he has been exerting this inherited trait in excess this past week. It has been a rough week, with Jason gone to the field it gives me a chance to see what it is like to be a single mom, and is good practice for when he gets deployed this fall. And I am very sad to say that I am not handling it very well. My temper has been at an all time high, and my patience at an all time low. And I really hate myself for it. This road of motherhood is rough, and bumpy - very bumpy. I can only hope that at the end of this journey, when I am no longer behind the wheel on this road, that they are well adjusted, happy, generous, secure....everything - men.

Back to tonight. I have been getting very frustrated with him about going to bed. He just will not get up and go to the bathroom, brush his teeth, and get into bed. It's a battle each night. I shouldn't have to beg, bribe, or threaten him to do it. He needs to do what he is asked/told, as it is the same thing that happens each and every night. And it doesn't matter if he is tired or not, he battles it. Once he is in the bathroom it is smooth sailing, but leaving the living room is where we run into problems. And tonight I lost my cool...I had to literally drag him into the bathroom hoping that he wouldn't wake up Aiden (who goes to sleep like a dream). I hate it. I hate that I did that. And part of tonight's confession and truth is hormones, that time of the month, and part is because by admitting my shame I can bring it to light and truly deal with it. Raising my voice and seeing that scared look on his face shocked me into realizing just what I was doing, how I was treating him, how I was letting his stubbornness and "four year oldness" get me into a state of such uncontrol. Truly made me dislike myself.

It was rough to talk to Jakob about how sorry I was that I had hurt his feelings, that I didn't listen when I should have, and that I may have physically hurt him when I took him to the bathroom. He then started to cry and say how sorry he was for not listening. I apologized for all the fights we have been having, and he did the same.....and then there were some more tears, and more tears, and some more tears. But then there was some giggles, some talk about doing better and listening to each other, to "not do it any more Mama", to be nicer to each other. All this with a four year old...did he get it? I really believe he did.

I need to get a grip on the extra unnecessary stress in my life and get back to focusing on what is important. And that is my boys, and my relationship with them. I need the laughter to get back to being as contagious as it was in our house. Laughing heals. I have missed some of the 100 kisses and 50 I love yous of each day. I want to be proud of my parenting at the end of the day. I want to stop saying that "tomorrow will be a better day" - why can't every day be a great one? I need it to be. I am going to make it so.

So I am here promising to do better by my boys. They deserve it. And maybe I am being a little hard on myself, but if I am not, who will be? I want to be able to go to bed at night knowing that my boys had a great day and that they love their Mama not because they have to, but because they want to.

So there it Monkey Monday for this week. I love my Monkeys. They are just down right awesome.

Hug your children, tell them you love them often, and smother them with kisses.

Take care,
Love BIG!!! Bake Often


Marilla said...

Motherhood is the toughest job there is, and theres no handbook, reference manual or users guide for kids. Its all about what works for you (and them) and what, at the end of the day, is a big deal and what isn't. I know my mother always tells me if she had it to do over again, she'd have lightened up and not been as crazy about grades, etc. Its just a tough job- and it sounds like you do a great job at it, you'd have to be to have such a sweet son.

KELLY said...

We all lose our cool sometimes...with kids or spouses, co-workers or students, and sometimes with complete strangers.

It's okay. It's happens. Don't beat yourself up about it.


Little Miss Cupcake said...

Oh my goodness, please don't beat yourself up over this. Kids will be kids and testing limits is a normal part of growing up. If I had a dine for every time my son totally ignored what I asked him to do, I'd be the Starbuck's of cupcakery chains by now. And it's even harder when your spouse is busy at work and you are having to deal with all this on your own (and there is a younger child to boot!). I totally sympathize - I find myself in this situation frequently. Listen, we all try to be good parents and at the end, when he is 20 years old, do you really think Jakob will remember this particular disagreement? I am sure your kids know you love them and if you have to get tough sometimes, that's just the way life is. They need boundaries too in order to grow up as well-balanced, respectful adults, you know? Juts make sure they get lots of love and caring too.

CB said...

You're human. We can't be stepford wives all the time. And kids are very intuitive even at a young age. They know that they are loved and carry it with them even during the times when they are upset, cranky, frustrated, angry etc. You're a GREAT mom b/c you care and feel so upset about the situation. You know there are some moms out that that wouldn't. ((HUGS))

ctteach said...

Hang in there Tania...parenting is the toughest job you will ever have. Don't beat yourself up!! You will find a way to make it work. XO