Wednesday, August 5, 2009

TWD….Banana Bundt…I mean Loaf Cake


I am a bad baker.  I do not own a Bundt pan.  And to be honest when I hear the word Bundt, all I can think of is that HILARIOUS scene in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding".  You know the one where the mother cannot for the life of her pronounce "Bundt"...and then puts a plant in the middle of the Bundt to fill the hole!  LOL - I LOVE that movie!  Kills me every time.

Back the the Banana Cake!  Since I don’t have a Bundt pan I tweeted the question “can I do this in a couple of loaf pans?”  And luckily Nancy was on and advised me that the full recipe would fit into the three 8x3 smaller foil loaf pans that I had.  But to be careful that I didn’t fill them too full as hers had overflowed when she made hers!  It fit perfectly….rose just to the top of the pans, browned nicely and tasted fantastic!  The boys gobbled one loaf up, I gave one loaf to my amazing neighbours, and the other one got wrapped tightly and is waiting in the freezer…probably not for long!

banana bundt 005

As I have mentioned before, I always have bananas on hand.  I wont eat one if you paid me, but put it in a banana bread/cake and I am all over it.  Jakob and Aiden eat them daily….they are a staple in our house!  But sometimes we buy too many and they end up frozen waiting for enough frozen brown bananas to bake. 

Oh….wait.  I have to mention this.  My banana cake didn’t get made until late on Sunday night, so as the boys were winding down I had mixed up the batter and put it into the oven just before putting them to bed.  So since it needed to bake for 40 – 50 minutes I figured that they would both be asleep and could enjoy it for breakfast.  So at 9 pm when the timer went off telling me that it was done, you can imagine my surprise when Jakob came around the corner asking if he could have some.   But since he should have already been asleep  and the banana cake was going to be super hot and need to cool, I told him he would have to wait til the morning.  He shrugged his shoulders and toddled off back to bed!  Too cute!

I apologize for this post being late – blogger was giving me some grief.  But I think I have found a way to work it all out – thanks to Elle!

And be sure to check out all the other TWDr’s and their versions of this moist, dense, flavourful Banana Cake!

Also thank you to the Food Librarian for choosing this weeks recipe – we will be making this again!  For sure!

Take Care,

Love Big, Bake Often


The Food Librarian said...

This looks great! What a cute story about your son...nothing like the smell of banana bread to wake up anyone! Thanks for baking along with me this week! - mary the food librarian

Jen H said...

Jacob's well trained to know what that timer means when the house smells good1

Nancy/n.o.e said...

It's funny, "bananas" and "bananas-in-baked-goods" are two completely different things! I'll take the baked goods any day (except banana with pb is really good). Glad the loaf pans worked out. Even though I have a bundt, I nearly always use two standard (1 pound) loaf pans; easier to freeze and/or give away!

Pamela said...

Funny about your little guy with the cake! This was a great cake that just smelled amazing, so I can see how it pulled him out of bed!

Di said...

Love the story. =) My girls are forever asking if they can help me bake and wanting to taste things as soon as they come out of the oven. Glad to hear that the loaf pans worked for you.