Friday, November 7, 2008

Fixation Friday

So for this Friday's fixation I didn't bake, I didn't eat either.... I drank. While at the bookstore I headed over to Starbucks - I can't not go there when at BN. And I was really hoping to try one of their new hot chocolates, the salted caramel one, but they didn't have it. So I tried the Godiva hot chocolate that they were advertising. And as a bonus they were giving away free Godiva cookies with purchasing one of the drinks. The cookie was yummy, but not nearly as nice as the drink. I love hot chocolate. This one was rich, creamy and almost thick. It left a film of rich chocolate residue on my tongue - in the nicest way possible.

So my wish to you all is to head out and get yourself a cup, or to do one better and make yourself a REAL cup of hot chocolate at home with real cocoa - not the instant stuff. Or even better melt the chocolate - the best you can find, and mix it with some milk with a bit of heavy cream. Yum.

Love Big, Bake Often,

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