Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Today's Thanks...

Jakob is really having fun with his giving thanks. The tree is made, the leaves are cut out and placed in an envelope waiting to be filled out and pasted on, and the past few days thanks are on there. I made different coloured leaves for each of us. Unfortunately Aiden is too small to participate, but I like to think that he will be able to next year. So Jakob is yellow, Daddy is orange and I am red. All the different colours of fall - our favourite time of year. I wonder what fall will be like next year in Georgia?
Thanks - Jakob told us he is thankful for Daddy - I think he likes having him around during the day. It's a treat. Daddy said he is thankful for tubby time. He gave Aiden his bath tonight and from the sounds that emanated from the bathroom they had fun. Both our boys love the water and really like taking tubbys. Ok, my turn. Today I am thankful for bedtime. You know those days when you are counting the minutes to the end of the day when everyone is tucked in their beds - me included. So tonight I am counting the minutes until I can lay my head on my pillow.

Love Big, Bake Often

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