Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Restaurant Neighbours

Do you ever find yourself sitting near parents at a restaurant, and you can't help but hear them parenting their child, and you just want to reach into the next booth and shake them? Tonight there was this family with a little boy about 2 years old - cute as a button. And he was in his highchair doing pretty well. He was eating, drinking and playing. But Dad was just picking on every little thing the little guy was trying to do. Apparently he wasn't eating right, and eating too slow, and then he was eating too fast. And I think if you don't want your child to play with cars while he eats, don't bring them or take them away once the food arrives.
We have our own struggles with Jakob when we go out to eat. But I like to think we roll with the punches a little better. We don't raise our voices in restaurants, we don't lay down all kinds of threats, and we don't (usually) give in to ice cream if dinner isn't eaten.
I love going out to eat as a family, we do it way too much - both for our wallet and my waistline. We need to really cut back, but it is just so nice to have someone else cook for me. Need to get Jason to cook more often. Maybe with him on vacation he can spend some time in the kitchen cooking for us.

Love Big, Bake Often

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