Friday, November 7, 2008

Looking for guidance

Ok, so I am feeling at an inpass. I know that you are thinking, what are you talking about you have this new adventure coming up in less than a month? But I am feeling restless. I need something to focus on other than this move and leaving friends. I need something to dive into and gobble up. I need to find something that is going to move me. I am feeling very disconnected from myself and need to re-center. Spiritually, too. So, I am looking for guidance, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have already started participated in several online baking events and challenges, which are so much fun, though not for my waistline. But it isn't enough right now.
And I really want to dig deeper in this, but Aiden is screaming waking up from his nap so off I go. Later, my friends


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