Sunday, November 30, 2008

Getting Ready for the Move.

Well, this week has been a whirlwind of getting ready, packing, movers, tears, takeout, empty house, hotels, uhauls, shopping, Thanksgiving, friends. Oh where to start. Let's not go back to the beginning. Let's just talk about today. I am sitting in a hotel, with the boys napping in the other room, trying to figure out when to fit in a goodbye coffee with my friend, J. She and I have been playing phone tag, and it is my turn to call her, but I don't want to til I hear from Jason so that I can actually tell her when I will be free. We are also trying to get together with some other friends to say goodbye. Jakob and Natalie really need to see each other to say goodbye. It's so hard. I want to be able to find the time to fit in everything, but I am running out of time. We didn't plan this exit very well, and the plans we did make didn't really go according to plan. There have been sicknesses with friends, weather hiccups, timing hiccups, etc etc.
Saying goodbye to these awesome friends has been very hard. I did a bunch last week, I did some last night and I have two very important goodbyes to do today. And they are going to be so hard. How do you say goodbye to people who in three short years have become your best friends. Who have shared your joys and your sadness, your parenting triumphs and pitfalls. Not going to be an easy task. This afternoon is going to suck. Plain and simple.
Wish me luck, and hope there are Kleenex.
Love big, Bake often


J said...

Well, since I'm crying already, maybe I won't when you're here. At least the kids have been nightmarish, so that will be a distraction.

J said...

All things considered, we didn't do too badly. Hug your dear boys for me. Drive carefully. Much love.