Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Sorry for the lapse in posts. I am not feeling so great. It started as a cold in my sinuses and now is in my throat and I have a bit of a cough. Yuck. Really shitty timing for me as the movers are coming to pack us up next Monday and we are pulling together a yard sale for Saturday. Not good. But what can you do, you pull it together, suck it up (sorry mom), and drive on.
Lots of thanks to catch up on,
Jakob - Natalie (his girlfriend), panda bears (Kung Fu Panda with the babysitter), Kristy (the babysitter).
Jason - Sunshine, and I am not sure what else, he isn't here to ask right now.
Me - Cupcakes (tour of cupcakes in NYC), Jamie (took the tour with me), drugs (for my cold).

That's all I have the energy to get into right now. Need to type up my TWD post.

Thanks for the understanding!

Love Big, Bake Often

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