Saturday, November 8, 2008

Today's Thanks

Today Jakob decided he was thankful for robots. I thought for sure after spending hours at a friends house that he would have said that he was thankful for friends, or for that friend in particular. But no. Today he is thankful for robots.

Me? I am thankful for my friend Shannon. She is so much fun. She is smart, beautiful, funky, and an awesome Mom. Since our husbands are out of town tonight (boys weekend at the casino), she and I decided to get together with our kids for dinner and play. Jakob and Aiden had a blast playing with their friends, and they played beautifully, just the normal about of fighting over toys and such.

So that is what Jakob and I are thankful for today. Not sure what Jason is thankful for today. And Aiden is probably thankful for diaper cream today as he has a very angry bum.

That's all for now.
Love Big, Bake Often

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