Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm a Rachael Ray Fan!

There, I admit it. I like watching her show, and watching her cook. And every so often there is a guest that makes me think. And today was one of those days. Gabrielle Reece was on talking about her "honeyline", her network of friends that have helped her through things and have always been there for her. She describes her network as a honeyline getting to the queen bee - working through her problem - what ever that may be. And it made me think, yet again, about the fact that I am leaving my "honeyline". This wonderful group of friends that I have are my honeyline. I know that the line will still be there when I go. We can always communicate through email and letters, and of course I know that there are several of the ladies that love to chat on the phone. But there is just something to be said for packing up the kids and heading over to a friends house at a moments notice for a quick fix. Making a new group of friends to have a local line (because no one will be able to replace this group of ladies - they are irreplaceable) shouldn't be too hard, and will definitely be necessary. I think I will just take some time to grieve leaving my friends behind for a little while before jumping to make new ones.

I love the bees in my honeyline - they are my "lifeline"

Love Big, Bake Often

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