Saturday, November 22, 2008

Stepping Stones

There is a children's museum here in CT called Stepping Stones. We have only been three times, and hadn't been there in probably 8 months, but we went just over a week ago. Jakob had so much fun. I left Aiden at home with Jason, so that I could focus all my attention on Jake, and Aiden wouldn't be stuck in his stroller for hours. We met up with Janine, Natalie and Nathan. It was a great time. Janine and the kids left shortly after lunch, Nathan was melting down. But Jake and I stayed - he hadn't had a chance to play in the water area yet. So we hung out and I got some super fantastic pics of my big boy. Don't mind the "wife-beater" tanktop, I knew he was going to get soaked, so I took off his shirt so he would have someting dry to wear after his fun.

So happy. Gosh, I love this kid!

I truly forget how simple it is to just enjoy these kinds of moments. But it is so nice to be reminded.

Love Big, Bake Often

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ctteach said...

I love the look on his face! He is having a great time.