Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tuesdays with Dorie - Rugelach

So I attempted the second recipe for my new adventures in TWD. It wasn’t the easiest recipe for me. I had never made rugelach before, and it was tough. The dough was sticky, and rolling it out into a perfect circle was almost impossible. I managed to get it into close to a circle and divided it up into more than what Dorie called for. There was no way I could divide the circle into 16 parts!! I only had the time today to do half of the recipe – so there is still a disk in my fridge that I will have to make in the next couple of days. Today’s rugelach I did what Dorie suggested – apricot preserves, pecans, sugar and cinnamon, and semi sweet chocolate chips. But… I am really looking forward to trying a variation on the second disk – wait for it…. Lime and chocolate! I am going to try some lime curd and chocolate chips. YUM! I love lime and chocolate together. I also want to try Dorie’s lime tart with her chocolate tart crust.
Here are some pictures of my endeavours:
The dough before I cut it up and rolled it.

Rolled up and baked – nice and golden brown with the insides sticking out. YUM.

So glad I got the camera to work this week.


Barbara said...

Looks yummy!

PheMom said...

These may actually be my favorite TWD recipe so far. So, I meant to ask back on that cupcake post if you are going to enter my and CB's cupcake event? You totally should. http://artyoucaneat.blogspot.com/2008/11/winner-and-art-you-eat-6.html