Saturday, January 31, 2009

ACK! Too many projects...

I like to think of myself as a creative person. I come up with lots of ideas, and most of them come to fruition. But today I am overloaded with ideas of projects I want to complete. I want to bake, cook, sew, glue, create, paint, mix, ink, stamp, cut, just about everything. I have been spending way too much time (and a little money) on Etsy these days and I have to say I am inspired. And curious. How do they make all these lovely things? I want to make these lovely things. So I researched, and I browsed, I read. And now that I think I can figure them out, I have to decide which to make first (and which I can afford to buy the start up stuff needed).
I have figured out that I can afford to buy a sewing machine with our lovely tax return. I am not sure which one to buy, what the price ranges are....but I will figure that out when the time comes. I am hoping that I can borrow one from a friend so that I can try to get some of these ideas out of my head!
Baking...I am baking today and tomorrow - superbowl party. I am going to bring some cupcakes (yet to be decided...ideas?) and for the kiddos I am going to make some strawberry whoopie pies. I think they will be yummy. I was very excited that there were a few "Baked" recipes in the last issue of "O" magazine (dying to buy this book - it's on my wishlist). And the fact that I am trying to watch my caloric intake just makes me want to bake more! So I will be attempting some new recipes and am planning on trying out some blue agave to use as a substitute for sugar. Will let you know how that goes!
Cooking - Jason and I are working out a list of our favorite meals and I am going to attempt to have a meal plan set up so that there isn't any of that "what's for dinner?" business. We have been getting so busy and things are just getting busier and busier. Jakob is signed up for swim classes twice a week. Soccer starts in March for Jakob. Jason is working like mad. And I am trying to find a part time job. And am going to as many playgroups as possible and making some good friends. Oh...and fitting in workouts as much as I can. It has realistically been 3 years since I worked out. How sad is that? Shame shame shame. But I am doing it now and that is what matters.

Crafts - so some of the projects I want to attempt are sewn crayon rollups - they are a great way to store your kids crayons so they are all put away and not in a tub. Organized!!!! Aprons - I figure I need more than just the couple of aprons that I have. And I always want Jakob and Aiden to have a couple too - for baking, painting and just getting messy! Oh... and the one craft I am dying to try are these scrabble tile pendants. I just got three in the mail and they are super cute! I can think of all kinds of people that I want to make these for, as well as try my hand at selling a few....Etsy here I come! I know you are all wondering when on earth I am going to find the time to do all of this. I really am not sure either. But the one thing I am lucky to have is a couple of hours each day to myself as the boys nap. Jakob is still a great napper (insert sound of knocking wood HERE). So I do have a couple of hours a day. And though I should be spending it unpacking boxes, cleaning, dishes, making dinner...I never am. I am online, baking, reading, or occasionally napping myself. So there really are 10-14 hours a week that I could dedicate to this creative need I am feeling. Something for me. Me time. Something I am trying to do more of. But at the same time making it something for my kiddos too. So maybe some of that time should be sent cleaning this house. So lets say 6 - 8 hours of me time.

Ahhh... the challenges of balance. Again something I am learning as I go through this thing called life. Any tips on life? Leave me a comment!

Take care,
Love Big, Bake Often


Jamie said...

I love how those Crayon rollups work and look. I've been eyeing those for awhile! :)

Good luck with all of your projects!

CB said...

Crazy! I feel like I could have written the exact same post. Too many projects but NO TIME! I have a bazillion recipes bookmarked, hobbies that I want to learn (photography and sewing), friends and family to call, blogs to read, blogs to write... I need more hours in the day. That or win the lottery so I don't have work sucking 40+ hours a week from me! Girl can dream right? LOL

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't for my friendly and wonderful swim instructor Christina. I think I wouldn't have taken to swimming so much. I'll be sure to send my kids to take up lessons with her. Where did you learn swimming anyhows?

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I agree with you totally. Furthermore I have another point to add. I think its essential that children today have a friendly and good swim instructor to guide them along. So that they will take to the hobby with delight, rather than find it a useless skill. But then again, most kids always love swimming afterall.