Thursday, January 8, 2009

tv shows I shouldn't watch

Why do I do this to myself? I am sure to have nightmares all night. But I couldn't have known. I just wanted to watch a simple show. But of course, as I am in the middle of immunization drama, Private Practice on CBS has to run a show about a little boy who's mother chose not to immunize him after his older brother developed autism catches measles and dies. That's right dies. Now please understand, I am immunizing my boys. Jakob is fully immunized, and Aiden is on schedule. I have just decided that I want to split the MMR up and not do it in one shot. I think it is just too much for his little body. I have done alot more reading on the subject over the past year about autism and the links to immunization. And even though there is not concrete evidence either way I am following a gut feeling. As I told my friends, and I told Aiden's new doctor - there is something going off in my Mommy-Radar and I trust it. I trust that there is something in me telling me to do this. And so I am. I am going to go to the Health Department to have it done because they wont do it on post for us.

But back to tv - these damn shows catch me by surprise. Jason is smart - he wont watch shows that deal with sick or dying young kids, especially boys. I, on the other hand, HAVE to watch them and then I have nightmares for days and can't get the stories out of my head, or heart.

Am I the only one? Hope not.

Love big, Bake often

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CB said...

Tania, this has nothing to do with your post but just wanted to say THANK YOU for the post card. I love getting postcards! My husband got the mail yesterday and came in with your postcard and said "Who do you know in Korea?" He was so confused! HAHA. Thanks again! You rock! :)