Monday, January 26, 2009


So today's question is about weather. What is your favorite type of weather? I love the time right before fall, at the end of summer. When it is still hot to run around in your shorts and tshirt during the day, but then as the sun sets you need to put on your favorite sweatshirt or hoodie. I love a sunny sky that is scattered with fluffy white clouds. And warm, not super hot, and NOT humid. So possibly living in Georgia might kill me this summer. I hate the humidity. It makes me feel awful - I don't like to sweat and feel all sticky. But this summer I wont have a choice - I will have to go out and venture into that thick air that you can feel in your hands for the boys, they will need to still get out and about. So while my new location will not have as many of the types of days that I enjoy (or so I'm told - don't jump on me if I have it wrong), I look forward to more warmer days in a year than up North (sorry CT friends!).

And I have to mention that there are some days that I just want it to rain. Absolutely pour. These are days when I don't have to go anywhere, have a fridge full of food, healthy and happy boys, tons of art supplies on hand, a new movie for the boys, and the dog being able to hold it for extended periods of time!! And then it can rain, and rain, and rain. I like those days once in a while.

What type of weather do you enjoy?

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