Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Question time.....

Ok, so today's question on the calendar I mentioned yesterday is do you like doing homework? And since I am not in school (not right now, but do plan on it soon!!!) that question isn't really relevant to me. So instead I am going to comment on a post that my great friend, and I do mean great, J wrote about my post. J liked the question I posed yesterday. What would you change in the world? She linked all the things I would change in the world to a change in the level of respect people have. Respect for themselves, their planet, their neighbours, their friends, their everything. It's so true. It's sad at the level of respect many have for those around them. Did we lose the ability to teach respect somewhere along the way?? I know that growing up I showed my parents alot less respect than my mother did her parents. I was horrible. I had no respect for them, I was absolutely rotten. And I didn't have any respect for my teachers either. Today's teenagers (from what I have personally seen and encountered) have even less than I did 19 years ago or so. Oh boy, I just aged myself. It's sad that the level of respect being given has decreased, that and the level of the respect that we expect has gotten so low. Our expectations of what kind of respect we deserve, what we give and what we want to get. Ok, I am rambling now, but does it make any sense? Where has the respect gone?

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ctteach said...

Hey Tania,

I love, love, love this calendar! Thanks for linking the site.

Tania said...

you are very welcome... glad to share!