Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jakob... oh, sweet Jakob

I have a question, it has been on my mind for what seems like a very long time...
Oh, wait, I remember.... when we turned his life upside down. Now don't get me wrong, Jakob always had some whine in him. He threw the odd fit, and whined when he didn't get his way here and there. But these days he whines about absolutely everything. And I mean EVERYTHING!! You could offer him a chocolate chip cookie and he would find something to whine about it. Every time I ask him to do something we have a battle. He wont listen, he crumbles and whines at the drop of a hat. He fights me on so much. I just don't have the will to fight any more. Every morning I wake up and think that it will be a better day, that I will find the patience to deal with him and try a different approach. I have tried just about everything. I tried making light of it and joking him into cooperating, telling him I don't understand when he is whining and talking in his uber whiny voice, to putting him in time out when he begins to whine, and even just plain ignoring him when he starts to whine. Nothing has worked. I feel like I am being held captive when he begins to whine. We can't leave the house until he is ready to go, he wont get dressed until he pretty much feels like it. I can't physically force him to do something, I am worried and a little afraid that I would be too rough because that would be when I hit my wall and lose it. I really just want to have a good day. I want to have a day when everyone is happy, there is no whining, and we have alot of good laughs. There is no real reason for his whining, I feel like it has become a habit for him. So how do I break this habit before I lose my mind! And before he teaches Aiden to start talking and whining at the same time?!?!


Love Big, Bake Often


J said...

Oh, T, that sounds . . . annoying. Bud is doing it too. Can't play by himself, whines for anything, needs me all the time. I'm sticking to the ignoring strategy, realizing it might take days or weeks to be truly effective. Give whatever approach you use a little more time (I'd say at least a week). It's hard for them to overcome a habit. Strength for both of us!

Bobbie said...

isabelle went through that for a while but not tooo long she was out of it she still whines about certain things when shes tired or doesnt feel well but hopefully he will just grown out of it one day