Sunday, January 4, 2009

'Pink" Cupcakes

For the past few days Jakob has been using his incredible imagination and pretending to make and serve Pink Cupcakes. For Christmas my hubby bought me the Wilton Tool Carrier (find it here), and since I haven't had the time to unpack my goodies and fill it, Jakob has been playing with it. So today he asked me if we could make some pink cupcakes. Of course I said "yes", I love baking together with Jakob, he has so much fun with it. Pink. hmmmm. So then I remembered that one of my fav blogs had just posted about some yummy strawberry cupcakes that she made for new years. So... I logged on and we baked half the recipe and called it good.
We didn't have time to make some frosting (and I really don't need any in the house - so much my weakness!), so we used some good old fashioned canned whipped cream to top Jakob's cupcake. And of course, sprinkles always make it better!

Pics? Of course!
Jake chopping strawberries for the cupcakes....

Jake tasting the batter....

So proud of his creation....
The finished product....
I made a couple of adaptations to the recipe, but you can find it on Iheartcuppycakes! Check out her other creations too. She is very talented!
More creations to come - Jakob has the bug, told me he wants to be a baker like Mama!
Love Big, Bake Often


ctteach said...


There is a kids' book called Pinkalcious and it's all about a little girl who can't stop eating pink cupcakes so she turns pink - it's cute and I thought of you when I saw it. Fits with your pink cupcakes:)

CB said...

Aaaawww your son is adorable! He's gonna be the next Rocko Dispirito! So glad you both enjoyed my strawberry cupcakes! PS. My blog is on wordpress not blogspot. ;)
Clara @ iheartcuppycakes