Friday, January 16, 2009

What makes me cry over tv shows???

I can't help it. There are some shows that touch on some subjects that totally turn me into an emotional mess. I cry. I weep. I think about what I would do in tv character's positions. Like today when I decided to watch last night's episode of Private Practice on my computer while the boys napped. Simple enough, right? But as soon as I saw what the show was about I really should have turned it off and not watched it. But something in me (maybe the need to cry?) told me to keep going and watch it. So the premise of this week's show was making horrible choices. And having to chose. How do you chose which of your children to save? It's the whole dilemma - you fall out of a boat with your two children and can only save one, which do you chose? I have never seen the movie, but it's Sophie's Choice right? So this poor father has to chose between watching his daughter die alone in isolation, or be with her and catch the bacteria that will kill him and leave his son an orphan. Ugh! Horrible. Absolutely horrible. So here I am watching him make his choice to be with his daughter knowing that he will die and leave his son, and I start to cry. And it gets worse. Maybe I just needed a good cry. Oh and the other storyline couldn't hit closer to home too. About a daughter who has to pull the plug on her father's life support. I didn't have to pull the plug (thank goodness), but I did have to wait for several days, unable to be there with him for my own health issues, waiting for the call that he passed or pulled through. Not easy. And so watching this woman finally crumble and cry over losing her father just fueled the tears.
All in all it was a show that I probably should have passed on, but now I can look back and see it as cathartic. I think I needed a good cry. Everyone does occasionally, and today was my day.

Hope all is well with everyone....

Take care,
Love Big, Bake Often

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