Saturday, January 3, 2009

Home Depot

If you don't already know, Home Depot does a Kid's Craft on the first Saturday of every month. So... today we headed to the store with the "orange sign" as Jake has been known to call it. He was excited to be going, as he has done this once before, but incredibly sad that Natalie and Steve would not be joining us. We tried to explain that Natalie and Steve were in Connecticut and they wouldn't be able to join us. He had calmed down by the time we got to the store, thank goodness. We headed to the back of the store and signed in for the project. Today's creation was football helmet bookends. Clever and appropriate as we just started to decorate his room with a sports theme! Jason was able to kneel on the floor and guide Jake through the project with ease. No bending or lifting involved. Jakob learned how to screw in, well, screws, and how to line up the holes to put the pieces together. It didn't take long, and soon there were two great looking bookends for his new room. Once he was done he took off in search of the cookies and juice they provide for the "crafters". A good morning and new skills learned. Watching him do this made me think of my dad, Herb. I know he would have LOVED to make projects with him like this, with both the boys. There had been so many plans for days like today to be had with Grandpa. It makes me sad to think that there wont be chances for Jakob to experience what an awesome woodworker his grandpa was, but believe me when I tell you that he will know all about Herb and what a great man he was. But I didn't want this to turn sad. Back to the morning - Jakob had a great time "building stuff" with his Dad and I had a chance to experience it with them. Though I have a feeling that in the future it will be a guys only event. So thank you boys for letting me crash your party, it was a great morning together.

p.s. Just so you know Aiden was with us too, you can see him in the background snacking away since he is just way too young to participate.
Take care,
Love Big, Bake Often


ctteach said...

What fun! Brendan and Chris do the projects at Lowes and they love it. I, however, am never allowed to crash! The football bookends look great!!!

Justin said...
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