Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year....

Happy New Year everyone! If you need to learn how to say it in any other language, check out my friend J's blog. She's so clever in coming up with these kinds of blogs. And I love reading about her twins and how quickly they are growing up.

I am really hoping to make this year a great one. I pledge to be a more patient being. To hold my tongue and watch what I say. To be more patient with all three "boys" in my life. To watch what I put into my body and make more of what goes in there by myself. I pledge to make more meals for my family and less eating out, wait that kinda goes with the previous pledge. I pledge to show my family more love. To spend more time outdoors with my kids. To keep in touch with people who I love and are important to us as a family.

And on the blog side, I pledge to continue to bake and cook, and post pictures and blogs about all the creations made. To learn how to take much better photos - I am so jealous and envious of other blogs (check out some on my blog list, they are awesome) and so I am motivated to learn how to use my camera to create some food masterpieces. I pledge to participate in all my group baking extravaganzas as often as humanly possible. And last but not least, I pledge to bake more for all the people I love.

I hope everyone had a great new year's celebration - we were in bed by 10:45. Jason's pain meds had kicked in and I didn't really want to stay up alone. The boys were dreaming peacefully in their beds. So I went to bed with Jason and dreamed about all the wonderful things I hope happen this year.

All the best to everyone for 2009. And remember, love BIG, bake often....



J said...

Merci, danke, gracias. --President of the Miss T chapter of the Mutual Admiration Society

juju73 said...

Beautifully stated....those resolutions sound like ones we all need to incorporate into our lives!

Happy 2009!