Wednesday, January 21, 2009

switching questions!

I missed yesterday's question since I was so busy with life. But today's question is not as interesting as yesterday's - Describe your fantasy birthday cake!!!

Chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate. I am a milk chocolate fan. But I love a dark chocolate cake with a light buttercream filling and a berry filling along with it. It would be tall and square. Covered in a light airy pink, yes pink, buttercream. None of that fondant crap - I hate the taste of that stuff. Sure, it looks cool, but tastes nasty. There would be chocolate curls everywhere. Layers and layers of yummy cake and chocolate. Oh, and I wouldn't have to make it. It would be made from scratch by someone awesome. No one in particular. But are there any takers for making me this cake???

What would yours look like?

Take care and happy cake dreams!
Love Big, Bake Often

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